This Commission is responsible for the publication and sale of hard copy items and publication of electronic material produced by ASF. This includes quarterly magazines such as Caves Australia or member newsletters such as ESpeleo, but does not include the publication of Helictite which is the responsibility of the ASF Helictite Commission.

The Publications Commission will also oversight the ASF website and all ASF publications for information to ensure copyright is maintained and not infringed and that material is not of a nature to cause offence to persons ie slander/libel (this also includes Helictite).

With regard to Caves Australia, the Commission manages the editing, printing (hard copy or electronic format), marketing and distribution of Caves Australia (the quarterly Journal) to ASF members and to other subscribers;

With regards to Espeleo, the Commission will ensure that the internal ASF member electronic newsletter is edited and produced in a timely manner and distributed via the ASF membership database.

The Commission also oversees the publication of monographs and books on speleology. This includes overseeing the editing, layout, printing and distribution of such publications. ASF publications can be purchased by variety of methods. For details on how to purchase on-line, or via order form visit our Publications for Sale page

More information can be obtained from the Commissioner, Sue White  asf.sales.gif and by visiting the Publications pages on this site.


Commissions and Committees are established by and report to the Executive, which also is responsible for appointing a Convenor and determining their roles and responsibilities.

Commissions deal with long-term, on-going aspects of the Federation's activities whereas Committees are established for a period not exceeding four years to carry out specific tasks on behalf of the Federation such as conference organisation.

  1. Each Commission has a budget administered by the ASF Treasurer. Expenses are reimbursed upon presentation of receipts or other documentation. The Executive may require expenditure in excess of a specified amount to be approved in advance.
  2. Convenors with long reports and/or complex issues to bring to the attention of the Federation are strongly encouraged to circulate discussion papers during the year.
  3. The Convenor shall prepare an annual report consisting of:
    1. A summary of the Commission's activities for the previous year and proposed for the following year, including any recommended actions or motions.
    2. A proposal for any funds required
  4. The report should be of minimal length, not more than one page. Copies of the report shall be provided to the President, Treasurer and Secretary by September 30 to facilitate auditing and preparation of the ASF's Annual Report and Budget.

Various commissions have information provided with extra information available in a downloadable pdf

Survey and Mapping Standards

The Survey and Mapping standards contact (SMS) coordinates the systematic integration of cave surveys and the adoption of the Australian Map Grid for cave mapping.

It cooperates with other ASF Commissions in compilation and dissemination of surveying and mapping information. The SMS fosters liaison and communication, and provide technical advice and assistance in all cave survey and mapping matters.

SMS advises the Federation on problems arising from integration of surveys, and the implementation of the survey and mapping standards.

This contact encourages adherence to the survey and mapping standards, by design and dissemination of standardised documentation and recording forms.

SMS cooperates with the appropriate Commission of the International Union of Speleology.

For further information contact, Al Warild at  asfinfo.gif




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Matters

Coming soon.

Helictite Commission

Helictite publishes refereed papers, reports, abstracts, reviews and news of the scientific study of caves and their contents, including the history of caves and technical aspects of cave study and exploration. The Australasian region is covered: Australia, New Zealand and the near Pacific islands, including Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Borneo and occasional east Asian areas.

Helictite was established in 1962 by Edward A. Lane in Sydney, Australia. The founding editors were Edward A. Lane and Aola M. Richards. In 1974 the Speleological Research Council Limited agreed to support the journal with financial assistance and in 1976 acquired ownership and published Volumes 14 to 35. In 1998 the Speleological Research Council Limited incorporated in New South Wales (Speleological Research Council Inc.) and went on to publish Volume 36, The Speleological Research Council Inc. was wound up in October 2000, and the ownership of Helictite passed to the Australian Speleological Federation Inc. in accordance with a mutually signed agreement. The Helictite Commission of ASF was formed in December 2000

The Helictite Commission is responsible for the publication and distribution of Helictite by:

Managing the soliciting, editing and reviewing of articles, printing (hard copy or electronic format), marketing and distribution of Helictite to subscribers or interested parties;

Mailing (or email) copies of Helictite to appropriate overseas speleological organisations, to Australian libraries as demanded by law, and to such other libraries or research Institutions in Australia as may be appropriate;

Ensuring that copyright is maintained and not infringed and that material is not of a nature to cause offence to persons ie slander.

The Journal has changed its publication method to provide all papers and articles as free PDF files on Internet after the review and editing processes have been completed for each one. The Journal is available in printed form by purchase order. Contributions are welcomed by the editors.

For more information contact the Commissioner, Sue White or visit the Helictite page under publications.

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