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International Year of Caves and Karst Events

The International Year of Caves and Karst is an initiative of the International Union of Speleology - the global organization for cave explorers, scientists, managers, and educators. The IYCK aims to increase public understanding of caves and karst and to promote appropriate cave management and conservation – to Explore, Understand and Protect..

ACKMA/ASF/NZSS Competition Results

Art Comp  

Congratulations to the winners of the IYCK Creatives Competition

Leah Miller (Grand Prize)

Winner Stories and poems entry – ‘A karst of shadows’


Sil Iannello

Winner Video entry - ‘Adapted to the dark’

The judges recognise the original work, the science behind the subject, the importance of the conservation message and the overall flair of the presentation.


Peter MacNab

Winner Creative arts entry - ‘Harwoods hole’

The judges recognise the cutting edge techniques of a cave scene of significance which also made the judges feel drawn into the scene.


John Oxley

Winner Photograph entry - ‘Croseus wandering’

The judges recognise the ability to achieve depth, reflections and composition which draws you in and the old mythology of the scene Croseus in a modern day image which brings the traditions of mythology of the past into modern day technology.



Cave Animal of the year 2022 - Ghost Bat


Cave Animal of the Year seeks to celebrate the wonders of cave animals, encourage people to learn more about them and build an increased awareness of caves as important wildlife habitat.


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