ASF Conservation Commission

The Commission was established to give effect to the environmental aims and objectives of the ASF regarding the conservation, protection and better management of Australia’s caves and karst. The Commission coordinates the work of member clubs and represents ASF in conservation matters. It does this by:

  • Establishing behavioral codes for cavers and speleologists (see below)
  • Advocating for better management and protection of caves and karst on both public and private land
  • Providing information to members and others about conservation matters and providing advice on courses of action on cave conservation issues
  • The Commission has an important role in supporting the directions and operations and direction of The ASF Karst Conservation Fund and the ASF Grants Commission to further the aims of the Federation
  • The Commission works with the Executive, other Commissions, ASF members and outside agencies to further the aims of the Federation.

The ASF and the Commission have established and given effect to a number of Codes of practice to provide guidance on caving practices for individuals and groups. They have been adopted by many state land management agencies and outdoor organisations. These codes are:

Any inquiries should be addressed to the Cave Conservation Commission Convenor – Dr. Clare Buswell.