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Provides contact information and news.

a website by divers – includes Australasian cave diving sites.

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Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association Inc publishes the ACKMA Journal

Beneath the Surface

A Natural History of Australian Caves; Brian Finlayson (Editor), Elery Hamilton-Smith (Editor).Produced with the assistance of ASF and published by University of NSW Press, this excellent book (reviewed in Australian Caver 159 and Helictite ) comprehensively covers what we presently know about Australia’s caves including the varieties of cave types and how they form, cave fauna, fossils, Aboriginal relics and decorations in caves, and a history of cave exploration and cave science in Australia. The contributors include some of Australia’s leading scientists – all of them active cavers. It is illustrated with 37 colour and 49 black and white photos, with maps and line drawings. Maybe still available from fishpond.com.au

Speleological Abstracts

THE ASF Bibliography Commission contributes material to an annual international bibliography, published by the IUS Commission on Bibliography. The 1998 issue includes 4,635 abstracts, of which 690 are from Australia. Each issue 1995 to 1999 comes with a CD-ROM, including abstracts from up to the previous 7 years! From 2000 the hard copy and CD-ROM will be sold separately. Note: This is not an ASF publication.

Sydney Speleological Society has a range of publications available.

Sydney University Speleological Society has a range of books and maps. Click on the link to publications.



a website by divers – includes Australasian cave diving sites.

Jill Rowling’s index of speleothems based by zone, by form and by mineral.

Cave Surveying and Mapping Resources