Australian Cave Rescue Commission

Australian Cave Rescue Commission

The ASF Australian Cave Rescue Commission (ACRC) was established in January 2000 to coordinate cave rescue arrangements for ASF Australia-wide. 

The aims of the Australian Cave Rescue Commission (ACRC) are to facilitate the provision of cave rescue training to cavers and exchange of information and training related to cave rescue.

The ACRC facilitates the provision of skills and equipment for cave rescues Australia wide as well as providing a national communications framework for cave rescue organisations.

It encourages an ethos of minimal impact for cave rescue training and rescues and facilitates the establishment of cave rescue organisations in states where such organisations do not exist.

The ACRC will organise national cave rescue workshops at the Biennial ASF Conferences and spread the self-rescue ethos amongst other caving groups as well as enhancing the first aid skills of cavers and other caving groups.

ACRC will establish relations with overseas cave rescue organisations, and in nearby countries where cave rescue organisations don’t exist, establish relations with relevant organisations to enable the delivery of assistance and provide education of government bodies and management authorities about cave rescue.

Please remember that each Australian State has its own emergency management arrangements and the ACRC has no statutory responsibilities in any cave rescue incident.

More information can be obtained by contacting the Commissioner, Brian Evans

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Minimal Impact Cave Rescue Code

These are the required forms for Rescue Equipment or Training/event grant applications.

Completed application and claim forms to be forwarded to the ASF Grants Commission.

Expedition Equipment Scheme

We have rescue equipment available for ASF members heading off on expeditions. There is some cost recovery, but it’s nothing compared to your expedition costs, or the likely improved outcome for the casualty if there’s an incident on the expedition…more information can be found on the ACRC website:

The equipment is housed in Adelaide and Perth. For information:

The equipment is housed in Adelaide and Perth. For information: