Membership Database

The ASF Membership Database can be found at

While the basic intent of the DB has been to store the contact details of the ASF’s members, the DB is also intended to be used by clubs as their own online membership database. It is flexible enough to meet the day to day needs of tracking your club members, while transparently keeping the ASF membership data in synch. All you have to do is manage your club memberships – and the DB will take care of updating a separate ASF view.

Currently supported features include:

  • Storage of club-specific data fields – eg. student ids, first aid certificate details, next of kin, etc.
  • Storage of memberships that are not linked to the ASF – eg. “ASF member via another club” categories
  • Storage of contact details that are not really members – eg. contact details for magazine exchange lists
  • Creation of admin accounts (with various privilege levels) – eg. some admins can query only, while others can create and renew members.
  • Complete change histories – you can see who changed what, and when. No data is ever lost.
  • Complete member histories – expired members can still be queried (and contacted) in later years.
  • Member logins – your members can update their details directly (if their email address is in the DB)
  • Auto-reminder emails for membership expiry
  • Integrated email lists – ie. no need to manage external email lists – you can have one which covers your current members automatically
  • Arbitrary email lists – club execs and sub-committees, etc., may setup other club-related email lists
  • Export of data – mailing labels format direct to a PDF, or customisable export to CSV
  • Import of data – from CSV, in similar format to export


ASF clubs now manage their membership on-line via the Australian Speleological Federation’s membership database website. Each club has allocated administrators that access their club’s membership list and also allows them to manage other club contacts such as subscribers to their club magazine. Club administrators cannot access other clubs membership lists or contact lists. It is now the responsibility of the club database administrator to keep their clubs membership list up to date.
If your club is unsure who your allocated Database administrator is or need to make changes please contact Colin Tyrrell 
Two helpful tutorials have been developed to assist clubs setting up their details in the database.